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(Updated  15th April)

SINGLES- Chrissii (Camberley) lost against Westlecot in Last 16

2 BOWL SINGLES Kylie (Egham) won over Dolphin lost against South Shields in Quarter Finals

PAIRS - Kylie & Doreen (Egham) won over Norfolk lost against Exonia in the Quarter Finals

TRIPLES - Amanda, Doreen & Kylie (Egham) lost against St Neots in Last 16

FOURS - Sarah, Chrissii, Jo & Karen (Camberley)  lost to 2023 Champions  Norfolk in Last 16

OVER SINGLES- Margaret (Sutton) lost to Cumbria in Last 16

OVER TRIPLES - Pat, Carol & Di (Sutton) won over Cambridge Park lost to North Wilts in Last 16

OVER PAIRS - Pauline & Doreen (Egham)  won against Eastbourne lost to 2023 Finalists  Northampton  in Quarter Finals

UNDER SINGLES - Yasmina (Egham) lost in Quarter Finals to 2023 Finalist in Competition

LADIES C OF C Pauline (Egham) won over Hornsea and Avon Valley but lost in a close game against K Rednall (Norfolk)  in the Semi Finals

MASON TROPHY - Sutton lost against Mote Park in Last 16

VIVIENNE TROPHY - Wey Valley lost against Mote Park in Last 16

YETTON TROPHY - Egham won over Swale and Eastbourne butlost by 1 shot in Semi Finals against 2023 Finalists  Cumbria

YETTON PLATE - Camberley lost against 2023 Plate Champions  Oyster in Last 16

ATHERLEY - LOST 108-110 v Hampshire


(Updated 26th Feb 7pm)

EGHAM TROPHY - Egham lost to Swale (2023 Champions)  in the Quarter Final

MIXED PAIRS - Pauline & Gary (Egham) won over Five Rivers but lost to Barwell in the Quarter Finals

MIXED FOURS - Amanda, Kylie, Barry & Ian  (Egham) won over Malvern Hills, Colchester, South Shields but  lost to Exonia in the FINAL

TOP CLUB - Sutton lost to Swale in the Last 16

UNDER 18 SINGLES - No Surrey ladies in Comp

UNDER 30 2 RINK  TRIPLES - No Surrey Teams in Comp