Surrey County Women's
Indoor Bowling Association

Affiliated to the E.I.B.A.

SCWIBA is Sponsored by :

 County Competitions 2017-2018 Season

Entry forms are in the SCWIBA Year Book are obtained from the Competition Secretary Mrs Pat Hampton, Tel N°07952 590 885Competition entries had to be received by the Competition Secretary no later than Wednesday 1st November 2017.
The draw sheets are posted below on this page.
All queries related to the County Competitions should be referred to the Competition Secretary.

The competitions are :      Under 50's Singles
                                        Over 50's Singles

The 10 county clubs play in two qualifying zones divided as follows :
                                         ZONE 'A'                        ZONE 'B'
                                        Camberley                      Croydon

                                        Egham                            Donyngs
King George Field            Old Coulsdon           
                                        Mole Valley                    
                                        Wey Valley                      Temple

Finals will be held in conjunction with SCIBA on :

      Sat  24th  March 2018   at  Croydon IBC at 10am
      Sun  25th   March 2018  at  Camberley IBC at 10am

2018 Competitions Zone Draw Sheets
To view the Zone draw sheets just click on the applicable draw sheet title below.

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